Welcome to the European Conference on Spirituality and Health 2016

Religion and Spirituality in Health Care:
Risk or Benefit for the Patient?

May 12-14, 2016, in Gdansk (Poland)

The 5th European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health will take place in Gdansk. It will be an inspiring gathering of researchers and health care professionals of many nations, exchanging their expertise and research results.

The conference will focus on the integration of religion and spirituality into clinical practice and its implications for patients. The keynote speakers approach the topic from their specific professional background. Symposia invite for discussion and free communications allow research groups to present their research projects. Submit your abstract!

More Details to the conference and the registration will be announced here soon.



Gdansk - Vogelperspektive2

(Photo Gdansk: wikipedia.org)


René Hefti, MD 
Intern. Organising Committee
Research Institute, Switzerland

Dr. Piotr Krakowiak
Local Organising Committee
E. Dutkiewicz Hospice, Gdansk, Poland