Welcome to the post-conference website
of the 4th European Conference on
Religion, Spirituality and Health

Integrating Religion/Spirituality into Clinical Practice:
Focus on Health Care Professionals

May 22-24, 2014, in Malta

The 4th European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health took place in Malta. It was a great gathering of around 200 researchers and health professionals of more than 20 nations, exchanging their expertise and research results.

For details see the complete Conference Folder PDF documentas well as audio recordings and slides (in the programme section) from the presentations. (Apologies for the poor sound quality!)

Keynote Speakers      Malta Lecture      Social Evening

Radju Marija, Malta, broadcasted from our Prayer Meeting in the Mdina Cathedral (see in Social Evening).

Robert Hesse from the Institute for Spirituality and Health from Houston/TX, USA, wrote a nice report about our conference. Thank you!


Signature Hefti

René Hefti MD 
International Organising Committee
Research Institute, Switzerland


Prof. Dr. Donia Baldacchino
Local Organising Committee
University of Malta