Welcome to ECRSH 2020 - The Conference Website of the 7th European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health

Aging, Spirituality and Health

May 28-30, 2020; Lisbon

The conference will be a scientific gathering of researchers, health professionals and other experts from many nations. Speakers from a variety of disciplines will provide a comprehensive overview on the topic. Symposia and abstracts allow researchers to discuss and present their research projects.

Again a 4-day preconference research workshop with Prof. Harold Koenig is planned.


The Organizing Committee's

René Hefti, MD
Prof. Arnd Büssing, MD

International Organising Committee ECRSH
Scientific Committee ECRSH

Research Institute (RISH), Switzerland

Nathalie Ndawele-Lerch
Esther Kaderli

Conference Office ECRSH 2020
Research Institute (RISH), Switzerland

Prof. Carla Moleiro
Prof. Silvia Caldeira

Local Organising Committee ECRSH
ISCTE-Instituto and Catholic University Lisbon

ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

Jaclin Freire, PhD

Catholic University of Lisbon